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About Us

About OTL
OTL Healthcare Support Services was formed during the pandemic period, when it became increasingly apparent that most countries, including “developed” ones, realized that for their citizens, healthcare took priority over everything else. Countries were not economically strong enough to advance their healthcare ecosystem to effectively handle multiple types of illnesses and diseases. Patients and their families are aware that timely treatment may necessitate their travel overseas.
All countries are budgeting for increasing healthcare for its citizens, and India is one which can boast of a robust healthcare system, which by a global yardstick, is cost-effective. As affirmed by a recent report from Stanford University, India saved more than 3.4 million lives by undertaking a nationwide Covid-19 vaccination campaign, an unsurpassed record. The latest budget announced the opening of 157 new nursing colleges, with the thrust on developing cutting-edge skills in healthcare, nation-wide. Three Centers of Excellence in artificial Intelligence and availability of ICMR labs for public-private collaborative research along with impetus for research in pharmaceuticals will further strengthen the healthcare ecosystem,”.
The latest budget has allotted 2.1 percent of the GDP to Healthcare, as against 1.4 percent the previous year. The rail, road and air network in India has undergone a complete transformation over the past decade. International and domestic airports, state-of-the-art railway stations, and a road and highway system that is of global standards, now ensure seamless connectivity between cities and towns. The recent inauguration of a 1350 km expressway from Delhi to Mumbai, and safe high-speed trains, including Vande Bharat trains, are cases in point.
Given the range of low-cost treatment available, India currently ranks 7th globally in the healthcare tourism market, with over 560 lacs trips made to India for medical value tourism, generating 16.3 billion USD in revenue. Tamil Nadu as a state, with its better connectivity whether by road, rail, air, or sea, with its capital city of Chennai, has emerged as a pre-eminent healthcare center with many multispecialty hospitals like Apollo, Madras Medical Mission, Kauvery, MIOT, Vijaya and others. It is worth pointing out that in Tamil Nadu, quality treatment is provided by hospitals that could well fit within the budget that patients and their families have in mind. Coimbatore is yet another metropolitan city in Tamil Nadu located near the border of Kerala State, offering both allopathic care of the highest standards, as well as alternative holistic care in Ayurvedic naturopathy.
OTL Healthcare Support Services is a division of OTL Business Solutions, headquartered in Chennai commenced in 2017 and offers BPO services such as centralized airline reservations and ticketing desk, end to end transactional accounting and finance services, revenue management, outbound and inbound tour packages, visa assistance, etc.
The management which runs the operation has an overall travel industry experience of 30 plus years and worked in Oman and Dubai for more than two decades.
We are committed and passionate about whatever we do and keep the customers’ satisfaction as our main objective. Medical support is an extension of our existing business model through which we will provide the best support services from arrival till departure for those who are planning their medical treatment in India. We provide the following:
1. Arranging a virtual call with the patient
2. Scheduling appointments with hospitals
3. Visa assistance
4. Pick up arrangements at the airport.
5. Accommodation facility to the attenders
6. Local guidance for food, transport, and other logistics
7. Any other facility which may arise from time to time.
8. Airport transfer upon discharge from hospital after treatment completion.
A very nominal amount may have to be paid initially for arranging consultation with the Doctor and Hospital, which will all be spelt out up-front.